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Beta release: dial2net-0.1.3.tar.gz Next Release: June 5th

Dial2Net Installation Guide


This is the information you need to know from your isp before you attempt to configure your ppp connection. The following information can be obtained by visiting your ISP's website or giving thier service department a ringy dingy.
Login, Password Isp Phone Number, Nameservers, Domain

You also need to make sure you know what port your modem is on. Use this chart to get the correct results

Windows - Linux
Com1 - ttyS0
Com2 - ttyS1
Com3 - ttyS2
Com4 - ttyS3

Now if you use Mindspring, dial2net will already have configuration for your ISP. But just for sanity, get this information.


Head over to our Ftp site (hosted by sourceforge. i love you sourceforge) and download the latest tarball or rpm.


1. Download the latest dial2net tarball onto disk from windows.

2. Reboot into Linux. Now (as root) if you dont already have the directory /floppy you will need to make one by typing mkdir /floppy. Then mount the floppy disk by typing mount /dev/fd0 -t vfat /floppy.

3. Get the tarball into /root from the floppy by typing. cp /floppy/dial2net-x.x.x.tar.gz /root.

4. untar the file by typing tar zxf dial2net-X.X.tar.gz.

5. Change into the new dial2net-x.x.x/ directory.

4. Type 'make' and then 'make install'

Dial2Net Configuration

Once you have completed the steps above, run dial2net -s
Now if you use mindspring select 1 AT&T select 2. If you dont use either of those ISP's, select 0 for the default.
If you are using mindspring or AT&T, please enter your full login name. ie ie
isp setting. This will work with ALL isps, you just have to enter a little more information than the other options. You will now be prompted for the ISP information. This is fairly simple to do, just try and type the information correctly.

Lets give it a go!

Once you are done, run dial2net -c and hopefully that should connect you to the net!

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