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Beta release: dial2net-0.1.3.tar.gz Next Release: June 5th

Site updated Wed Apr 18 21:08:57 MST 2001!

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An X Installation/Configuration program.
A Modem detection option.
Scheduled dialing
Update the website
  • Working hard [ May 19th 6:14pm ] by ted
    Im working hard on releasing dial2net 0.1.4. New features include modem detection, scheduled connection times, and support for the isps Earthlink, Worldnet, Mindpring, and Sympatico. If you have any comments or suggestions of features you would like to see included in the latest version, email me.

  • Final Release soon [ February 15th 9:32pm ] by ted
    Well, I've been extremely busy over that past few months and I havent had a ton of time to develop anything further for dial2net. I recently subscribed to dsl, so at this point I have know means of personally beta testing dial2net. Within the next few weeks, there should be a final release of dial2net, then I will move onto bigger and better things. Thanks to Olafur Jens Sigurdsson for nearly rewriting the source for dial2net :). If there are any questions, concerns, please contact me.

  • Dial2net 0.1.3 Released [ September 25th 9:41pm ] by ted
    This is a very minor release. The console interface was upgraded and I added a Auto-redial option. I am thinking about the direction I want to take dial2net in the future.

  • Dial2net Beta-0.1.2 Released [ September 5th 9:23pm ] by ted
    Im getting prepaired for a large release of Dial2net. As you can see, it has been a long time since there have been any site updates. Believe it or not I have worked on the development. Soon, an rpm release will be thrown out on the ftp server. The only reason this release has been suspended is a compatability issue with AT&T Worldnet Service and the chap-secrets file. If you could offer any information to help me out it would be greatly apreciated.

  • Dial2net Beta-0.0.10 Released [ July 27th 12:22am ] by ted
    The Official Beta release of Dial2Net has hit the ftp site. Many things that plagued the last release have been fixed. A frontend has been added and this release was tested and works.

  • Dial2Net is an application that makes configuring ppp for your system easy. This project was founded and is maintained by Ted Harden.

    So What is this all about?
    This application is aimed toward users new to linux that are trying to get thier system configured so they can access the internet via a ppp connection. The goal of this project is to create a simple, easy to use application that gets the job done.

    Ok, What makes Dial2Net different from any other ppp setup application?
    What differs is a few things.
    1. Give the user the ability to choose thier ISP from a list to make things simpler and reduce the need for manual configuration.
    2. Include an application (Lan2Net) that will setup a Local Area Network that will share an internet connection.
    3. A slew of useful tools that make day-to-day use of a ppp connection easier.

    What will this do for me?
    1. Dial2net works great on universities where a ppp connection is used. It gives the admin the option of packaging up dial2net along with the campus ppp configuration to limit the amount of manual configuration for the user. It is also less work for the admin (good thing).
    2. Students in dorm rooms that share connections will apreciate the internet sharing option. You and your buddies can simultaniously surf the net.

    I want to see this in action!

    A little bit of console action with Eterm.

    So what is this Lan2Net program you where talking about?
    Lan2Net is an application that will setup a network with extreme ease. It also assists in the process of setting up IPMasqerading, which will let your LAN share one internet connection(even using your new ppp connection).

    So Dial2Net will actually let me choose my isp from a list?
    Yes-ser-ee. A large part of this project is getting users from around the world to send in thier ppp configuration files so they can be converted into modules and implemented into Dial2Net. When I say configuration files, I mean the format of , /etc/ppp/chap-secrets, /etc/ppp/pap-secrets, and /etc/resolv.conf.
    So far the tested ISP is Mindspring(My personal ISP :)

    Alright, im sold. Where can I get it?
    Just check out our Download section , and download the latest tarball or rpm. (Current version 0.1.3)

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